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Day Visitors

If you are planning on visiting camp you are most welcome - however there will be a charge.

If you are wanting to visit camp and stay overnight - please contact us prior to camp.

Visitors Site Charge per day:

$14 per Person

Pre-schooler (0-4) - FREE

This is Finlay Parks Charge

Visitors Site Charge per night:

$40 per Person

Pre-schooler (0-4) - FREE

Meal Cost:

$6 per Lunch

$11 per Dinner

Pre-schooler (0-4) - FREE

-Or as negotiated with committee.

Note: we are unable to cater for any dietary or allergy requirements. 

-Any questions please contact:

027 278 1032 or

027 278 1031

Payments to:

Reformed Church Family Camp:

06 0773 0270918 00

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